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Five years ago, I started running, motivated by the need to stop smoking. I was determined to make up for lost time without sport, but unfortunately I burnt out, going from sedentary to ambitious runner. My initial training, based on plans found on the Internet, was not adapted to my level and carried the risk of injury. Fortunately, I was referred to a specialist for a stress test, which triggered my passion for the sport and its preparation. I then shared my workouts on social networks, laying the foundations for what is now Léman Running.

On June 27, 2019, I organized the first Léman Running event. Although alone at first, I persisted and invited others to join me. When Isabelle came to the second training session, I felt an incredible energy. Gradually, others like Aymen, Maria and Sylvie joined us, and soon the whole of Geneva was part of the adventure.

I proposed outings every Sunday from Vinzel, the beautiful little village where I live, inviting local runners to join me. After exploring the Côte vaudoise, I met runners in Lausanne, Montreux, Saint-Gingolph, Evian and Thonon (where our iconic Laëtitia first appeared), all united by the same passion for running and the Lake Geneva region. And so the “Léman Runners” were born.

In addition to this community, I wanted to connect these riders with the professionals I had met. On October 19 in Geneva, I organized a major event: a race followed by a brunch. The event brought together 70 runners, 5 race organizers, coaches and therapists.

Today, Léman Running has over 10,000 followers on social networks, 120 partner coaches and therapists, an app, and 45 races taking part in our championship, Le Trophée. But beyond the numbers, it’s the encounters and genuine moments that are the essence of Léman Running. Our monthly “J’irai rando chez toi” hikes and “Run Better” workshops are perfect examples of what our community has to offer. With the Léman Running Passport, at just CHF 9.90, our members not only take part in our Running Trophy, but also benefit from advantages with our partners.

Joining Léman Running means opening up to a rich and human running experience, supervised by professionals and within a dynamic community. Whatever your level, whether you’re a club member or not, we welcome you with open arms. Join us on this exciting adventure!
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