What is Léman Running?

Léman Running is a website dedicated to running in the Léman region. It offers a complete and up-to-date race calendar, a directory of coaches, therapists and stores for runners. The site also features a blog with articles on best practices in running and sport. It’s also a huge community of enthusiasts, very active on social networks.

How can I become a member of Léman Running?

When you buy the Léman Running Passport, you join the great family of Léman Runners. This Passport also offers you a series of advantages with our partners.

Do I have to wear a Léman Running jersey during my races?

No, membership of the Léman Running Passport does not require you to wear a specific jersey. It’s not a club in the traditional athletic sense.

Does Léman Running organize outings?

Yes, we usually organize a monthly outing or didactic workshop every month.

What level of fitness is required to take part in our outings?

Our outings generally offer 2 to 3 levels, always including a beginner’s level.

Does Léman Running organize training groups?

Yes, we offer several options, including Léman Running Clubs and groups organized by our partner coaches.

How can I become a Léman Running partner?

To become a partner, your main professional activity must be related to running, sport or sports tourism, and take place in an area close to Lake Geneva (42.195 km as the crow flies from one shore of Lake Geneva). For more information, write to contact@lemanrunning.com

Léman Running Passport

What is the Léman Running Passport?

The Léman Running Passport is both a membership card and a discount card. With an annual registration fee of CHF 14.90, you benefit from a host of advantages. You get discounts from our partners, including boutiques, coaches and therapists. What’s more, you’ll benefit from discounts on registrations for Trophée partner races and the chance to take part in our organized outings. The Léman Running Passport is your key to taking full advantage of Léman Running’s year-round offer.

What is the validity of the Léman Running Passport?

Valid for the whole of 2024, the Passport includes participation in the Léman Running Trophy and offers various discounts.

What does the unification of the Pass and Trophy entail?

The Pass and the Trophy are unified under the name “The Passport”. We no longer send physical cards or other materials.

How does the personalized form work on the Léman Running Trophy application?

A personalized card in the application replaces the physical card. Your membership is shown there, and can also be viewed at https://lemanrunning.com/liste-des-inscrits-2024/.

What are the advantages of the Passport?

The Passport offers discounts with our partners and on registration for Trophy races. For discounts, check the advantages and mention your Passport when booking. Find out more at https://lemanrunning.com/le-passeport/#avantages

What's the difference between the Passport and the Léman Running Trophy?

The Léman Running Passport represents your membership of Léman Running’s services, such as group outings, discounts with partners, etc. The Trophée is Léman Running’s own racing championship. To take part in the Trophy, earn points, win gifts and obtain discounts, all you have to do is subscribe to the Passport. Your Trophy membership will then be automatic. To use a travel metaphor, the Passport is your identity document that allows you to travel, while the Trophy represents the journey itself.

Léman Running Trophy

What is the Léman Running Trophy?

It’s a championship of races around Lake Geneva. It allows you to accumulate points at each partner race, both as a runner and as a volunteer, and to obtain discounts on race numbers. It’s also an invitation to discover the Lake Geneva region, as the races are scattered all around the lake.

How does the Léman Running Trophy work?

The Trophy is a series of races in which you earn points for each participation as a rider or volunteer. Points are calculated according to the difficulty of the route, and volunteer work earns 15 points for a minimum of 2 hours. Points must be entered within 15 days of each race in the application, under the “my results” tab.

How can I get discounts on race numbers for partner races with the Léman Running Passport?

For discounts on race numbers, please refer to the race information sheet on the app or website. Available discounts are indicated by a star. If a discount is offered, it will be clearly mentioned. If not, a draw may be organized.

Where can I download the Léman Running application?

To start your adventure with Léman Running, you can download the application on the following platforms:

Group and Club Outings

How to take part in Run Better workshops and outings?

With the Passport, you can take part in around 8 Run Better hikes and 4 Run Better workshops each year at no extra cost. Choose the “I already have my passport” option when registering.

How can I benefit from discounts at Léman Running Clubs?

Passport holders benefit from discounts at our clubs in Morges, Nyon, Meyrin and Geneva. Please indicate your passport when registering.

For more information, write to contact@lemanrunning.com