What to do in the last week before the Geneva Triathlon?

Advice from Jérôme Baud, professional coach and triathlon expert in Geneva

This week, I had the opportunity to ask Jérôme Baud, professional coach and triathlete, a few questions about how best to prepare for the last week before a triathlon. Here’s his invaluable advice.

What are your tips for the last week before a triathlon?

Jérôme Baud: The first thing is to stick to your usual number of training sessions. If someone trains 3, 4 or 5 times a week, you should try to maintain this frequency, including a session that corresponds to the competition. For example, if they train 4 times a week, I’d say do 3 sessions a week plus the competition.

Do I need to change the volume and intensity of my training?

Jérôme Baud: Yes, it’s important to reduce the volume of training, especially if you’re used to long outings. On the other hand, you have to keep up the intensity. Keep your training habits, but shorten the duration of your sessions.

What other preparations need to be made before the big day?

Jérôme Baud: It’s crucial to check the race route. For swimming, ask about buoys and Australian-style outings. On the bike, look out for difficult climbs, descents and bends. And for running, know how many laps you’ll need to do. Visualizing the route in advance can be very beneficial.

What about specific recommendations for equipment?

Jérôme Baud: Yes, it’s important to test your equipment before race day. Swim in your wetsuit to make sure it fits properly, and try out your tri-function to see if everything’s okay. Check your bike, do a service beforehand and take a ride before the race to make sure it’s in perfect working order. Don’t try out new sneakers on race day.

Any other aspects to prepare in advance?

Jérôme Baud: Yes, it’s also important to plan ahead to avoid last-minute stress, such as getting your race number. Prepare everything you need in advance so that you’re more confident on the big day.

Are there any specific tips for the Geneva triathlon?

Jérôme Baud: Yes, of course. Specifically for Geneva, I took a look at the routes. For the standard distance, the swim consists of 1,500 metres divided into two loops, while for the half-course it’s 1,900 metres, also divided into two loops. The idea is to aim for the same duration on both loops, so as not to start too quickly and risk running out of steam on the second loop.

For the bike, there are two or four laps depending on the distance. It’s important to aim for the same duration on each lap, paying particular attention to the Cologny ramp, which comes almost directly after the swim. The transition can already increase your heart rate, so avoid over-revving on the first climb.

For running, it’s crucial not to set off too fast, even with the encouragement of crowds, supporters, family and friends. Save your energy for those moments when you’re alone with yourself. Don’t give everything away right from the start, because you’ll need that energy later.

These tips from Jérôme Baud offer a practical guide to preparing for the final week before a triathlon, ensuring a balanced and considered approach. Good luck to all participants in the Geneva Triathlon!

Jérôme Baud: Ski instructor, lifeguard, triathlon coach and holder of a master’s degree in physical preparation, Jérôme has been involved in the sports world for over 20 years. In 2016, he created WePerf to enable athletes of all levels to benefit from a structure enabling them to achieve their goals. A good atmosphere and targeted content are the keys to the WePerf team’s success! Jérôme is also a partner of Léman Running, with whom he has set up two running clubs in Geneva and Meyrin. With WePerf, the structure he created, he offers individual and group coaching in running and triathlon.

The Tour Genève Triathlon is a partner race of the Léman Running Trophy. On July 6, 2024, take part in this diverse event:

  • Half Distance: 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike ride on partially closed roads, 21.1 km run, for experienced triathletes.
  • Standard: 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike ride, 10 km run, a complete experience in the heart of Geneva’s harbour.
  • Short: 500 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run, perfect for triathletes looking for a moderate challenge.
  • Discovery: 250 m swim, 10 km bike, 2.5 km run, ideal as an introduction to triathlon.
  • Junior races: Aquathlons for 6-13 year-olds, with distances adapted to each age group.

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©photos: La Tour Genève Triathlon

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